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Experience culture in Dresden

Dresden's cultural landscape is colorful and diverse. Every night our theaters and musical houses hijack you into their world and enchant hundreds of listeners.
In addition to the large houses, many small theaters can be found also. The Comedy, the Boulevard Theater, the Theaterkahn, Hercules Club, Dresden FriedrichstaTT Palace, Society Theater ... the list is long.

We would like to present the biggest houses here.


The court and state opera of Saxony is a house with a long historical tradition. Admire the wonderful wall design and famous curtain of jewelry.


Experience socially and politically critical pieces with contemporary and international drama.

Staatsoperette und tjg

The Staatsoperette is the only independent operetta theater in Germany. It has a variety of operetta and musical repertoire. In the same complex is the theater Junge Generation, Dresden's children's and youth theater.


The Palace of Culture is the seat of the concert orchestra of the Saxon capital. With its more than 80 concerts a year, it shapes Dresden's cultural life.


The Dresdner Kreuzchor is a world-renowned boys choir from Dresden with about 650 years of choral tradition.