The smart private hotel right in the city of Dresden

Around Dresden

Also around Dresden many magical places can be discovered. Whether you dare to follow the footprints of "Three hazelnuts for Cinderella", climb up to the famous Bastei or look over an artist's shoulder when visiting the most famous porcelain manufactory, it is entirely up to you.

We would like to introduce you to the highlights.


Strung up like a rope of pearls directly on the beautiful river Elbe you will find the 3 castles of Dresden. Enjoy the parks and the view of the silhouette of Dresden.

Blaues Wunder and cable cars

Stroll from Schillerplatz over Dresden's most famous bridge, which owes its name to its light blue paint. On the other side of the Elbe you reach the two cable cars, the funicular and the suspension railway. Enjoy the wonderful view from both views.

Sächsische Schweiz

Nature in its most beautiful form. Experience one of the most magical hiking areas in Europe. Discover the Bastei, fortress Königstein, rock stage in Rathen and much more.

Schloss Pillnitz

The former pleasure palace and later summer residence of the Saxon royal family was in the days of August the Strong often the scene of many weddings and festivals and is still considered the most important chinoise palace complex in Europe.


Fairytale dreams come true at the Moritzburg Castle, but the game reserve and the pheasant castle are also worth a trip.


Enjoy the porcelain and wine city of Meissen on a city tour. Visit the manufactory and enjoy the view over the city from the Albrechtsburg.